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SGC SuperCert

The Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) digital certificate is our premium SSL certificate, providing the highest possible protection in all circumstances. The SGC SuperCert offers 256-bit encryption in all browsers (released after Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x or Netscape 4.06). In older-browsers it ensures a minimum of 128-bit encryption to 99.9% of all users, even if the user's browser supports only 40-bit or 56-bit encryption.


You need an SGC SuperCert instead of our Web Server Certificate, if any of the following are true for your business:

  • You have an International (non-US) audience/customer-base, or/and
  • You need to provide the highest possible encryption for each and every visitor to your website, or/and
  • You conduct medium to high-value e-commerce transactions via your web interface.

SGC SuperCert Features and Benefits

Encryption 256-bit with lowest possible encryption level of 128-bit protection for 99.9% of users even with older browsers
Browser Ubiquity Highest in industry
Certificate Details Domain and identity authentication and verification
Certificate Authentication Stringent Business Verification and Authentication
Average Issuance Speed Less than 2 days
thawte Trusted Site Seal Yes - free (available in multiple languages)
Root CA Yes
Free Reissues Upto 5 times from Issuance until Expiry 1
Secures Internationalized Domains Yes (thawte is the first Certification Authority to have all its SSL certificates support IDN character sets.)
SGC Technology Yes (only a few CAs can offer this.)

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