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Portfolio : WorkGob

About Project

WorkGob is a works communication platform that allows companies to collaborate and communicate within their teams. WorkGob builds a social aspect for the employees, gives a platform to get and give support, and enables leaders to communicate strategic content to those staff and managers.

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  • To create a cross platform compatible application (i.e works across all browsers and devices like pc, tablets and mobile).
  • Tight integration with a number of social networks, like twitter, facebook etc.
  • Ensuring seamless integration across different time zones where  companies have operations in multiple countries.
  • Real time updation of information (posts, comments, likes and votes).
  • Notifications to company users for various activities and events across platforms.
  • On the fly currency conversions based on country.
  • Application needs to be scalable so that additional features for future phases can be built on top.
  • Optimize loading times since a large user base using the application would be using it on mobile devices.


We had proposed creating a secure cross platform friendly application with all the required features. Third party integrations for social networks to be performed using their native API’s. Google FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) for sending out notifications as it’s platform independent supporting both pc as well as mobile devices. Google Finance API was utilized for currency conversion.


An application delivered to client which allows its users to create companies, join company groups, send request to other employees to join, broadcast priority and SOS type post for share important information within company and send vote post for get employees opinion to particular topic. Mobile Application is also created for quick and easy to use this application.

Technologies Used