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Live Tracking
An intelligent automation application for growing businesses to improve their operational efficiency. It takes care of the core functions of a company, then gains insights from a multitude of business operations and helps in generating action items. It helps decision makers stay on top of the things and act fast.
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Trackastic is a one-point solution for tracking and managing Trips, Fleets, Vehicles and Drivers. It tracks location of vehicles 24×7 with utmost accuracy with detailed information on the map. It helps extracting more profits from the business there by improving driver behaviour, vehicle performance, and fuel efficiency.
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This web application is created for internal tracking of Cleaning company which involves lead generation tracking to worker assigned and then final payment.
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Tutors and Learners
This application is an online meeting place made for student and tutor(s). It is a complete solution for tutor to assist tutor, teach and monitor students with great ease. Challenges Voice-to-text conversion and vice-versa Create API to install TPA application on other server and License management
Theatre Management
Comprehensive theatre management system (TMS) that simplifies entire theatre workflow whether you have a single location or have hundreds of them. It’s a robust platform that includes all functional aspects of running and managing a theatre profitably.
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CreateMagazines, is a digital publishing platform that takes any book/document and converts it into a “Digital Flip Book”. Digital Publishing is easy with CreateMagazines.
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